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Dr P Ratan Kumar started his journey into the medical field from SMS Medical College Jaipur. After gaining his MBBS degree in 1998 from there, he completed his Post Graduation in Ophthalmology from Sahai Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur. Right from his Post Graduation days itself, he has presented numerous papers and given lectures in various conferences all across the country. He has keen interest in adopting the latest technologies and techniques to provide the best possible surgical outcome. Many new surgical techniques have been innovated by him, a few of which have been published in ophthalmic journals and won awards too. Just to mention a few, his innovative technique of " hydro-free phaco for handling POLAR cataract", a complicated form of cataract, won him a gold medal. " Flapless and knot-free SFX IOL", a highly specialised way of handling another complicated cataract got published. Trapezoid sclerotomy for trabeculectomy surgery, flying bat incision for SICS-trabe, foldable IOL SFX, bi- manual capsularrhexis, small pupil phaco without using pupil expanders, etc are credited to him.

He was among the pioneers of "Topical Phaco" in the state of Rajasthan. He embraced the technique in 2003 and from then on he does topical phaco in almost 100% of his patients. He has trained many doctors the art and science of phaco surgery including many from outside the country. " More than a 100 topical phaco in a single day " is a feather on his cap. Other than phaco, his surgical expertise include trabe for glaucoma, trabe-trabe for congenital glaucoma, squint surgery, entropion/entropion, pterygium autograft, DCR/DCT, punctal snip, vitrectomy for Nucleus drop/ IOL drop, IOL exchange, ICL, CTR / Cionni ring, amniotic membrane grafts, traumatic injury repair, etc. He has a vast experience of handling surgical complications of other surgeons too.

Just to give an idea about his surgical experience, he has successfully performed more than 1 lakh surgeries. He is also the chief phaco surgeon at Fortis Hospital Jaipur and Sahai hospital and research centre for the last 15 to 20 years.




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