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Cataract treatment


Cataract Surgery is considered the most common and simple eye surgery nowadays though it does require significant level of surgical expertise.The results are not solely dependent on the intraocular lens but on the surgical skills of the operating surgeon which makes the surgery absolutely comfortable and complications free for the patient.

Here at Ratan Netralaya, doctor P Ratan Kumar is an expert is performing cataract through tropical phaco ( injection free and painless surgery) for the last 20 years. He is a pioneer of this technique where cataract is done through less than 2 millimetre incision (micro incision surgery) and a foldable IOL is implanted through the same incision. We use State-of-the-art equipments and machines, like Oertli phaco machine from Switzerland Carl Zeiss microscope from Germany.

Cataract Surgery

Here at Ratan Netralaya, we have been dealing with various complicated eye surgeries which are usually not dealt with at most eye centres.

1. Small Pupil Cataract Surgery

SMALL PUPIL Cataract Surgery, where the people do not dilate well before surgery. Dr P Ratan has expertise in dealing with such cases for many years.

2. Polar Cataract

It is a complicated type of cataract where there is risk of capsule rupture during cataract surgery. Dr Ratan has been a pioneer in dealing with such cataracts. He has several papers on the innovative techniques for successfully dealing with polar cataracts.

3. Pediatric Cataract

Congenital and development cataracts in children require special expertise and we have successfully dealt with many such cases.

4. Cataract Surgery With Glaucoma Surgery(Combined Procedure)

which is also called triple procedure in which we do cataract extraction ,Trabeculectomy and iol implantation together

5. Scleral Fixated Iol Surgery

Scleral Fixated Iol Surgery IOL is fixed with sutures with a special technique in cases where the normal capsular support for the iol is missing. Dr.Ratan and Dr.Meghna have published a paper on this technique in 2011 where in we have described a flapless and knotless technique of scleral fixation which is much less invasive than the usual technique and more comfortable for the patient.

6. Subluxated And Dislocated Cataract

Cataractous lens can get dislodged from its normal position either anteriorly or posteriorly because of weak zonular support or trauma. In such cases cataract surgery needs to be dealt differently and some extra implants like CTR ring may be needed.

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